Friday, 3 August 2012

The ginormous boot and Bakin Boys cakes

It sounds like I am about to narrate a new Rohld Dall book to you but sadly no, I have different tale to tell!

I am small, it is no big secret, I am small every where and I stand at a whole four foot nine!

I went to Southmead to have current plaster on my left foot removed, I felt quite excited as there was a chance I would be told I could try weight bearing. The nurses then produced a monster steel boot and told me I could try to put my weight through my new ankle if I wore this contraption.I looked like the terminator and the heel on the thing was almost as tall as an ABBA platform boot! It is ginormous, huge straps going all the way up the leg with an odd bicycle pump provided with it to inflate a huge side impact air cushion. I felt a cross between a 1970s Volvo and a glam rocker in it. I tried to move my leg once it was fitted and couldn't, it was that heavy! Finally my mother managed to sit me up to get off the hospital plinth and I tried to stand and I have never felt so tall stood on this mega shoe but meanwhile my other good leg was left suspended, dangling in the air!!! Hmmm not that practical, we got out off the room, monster boot firmly on and once reached the car park I said "mum this is bonkers I can't do rehab in this, I can't even move my leg to try and get my muscles fired again", we did a 360 degree turn and headed back to clinic. I have been now given a ridiculously tiny Velcro and strap material foot splint and was told I am not allowed to weight bear in this but can at least remove splint to shower and exercise, so no forward, still many more weeks of not going any where and foot out of order still,however at least can shave my yeti leg and can enjoy a shower without adorning a charity bag on my leg to protect a cast from water.

Got home to my son who is causing some concern. He is totally up with reading words, speaks a lot, studies all his toys, loves to be around friends and family but will he walk, no he will not and he is now 19 months I realise. He will stand up against a sofa, hold onto sofa and coast along but he will not walk be it holding my mothers hands or a toddle truck. I know he will probably do it in his own time but in the meantime my husbands and my joints are being destroyed rapidly trying to lift him around. We don't know how else to encourage him to get verticle. Today he was rolling on the floor with the dog, dog stood up after quite a few "roll overs" and there ended the mimicking her!

We are also having a clingy phase at the moment, he hates not having us near by and decided to be up crying till 1am yesterday night/morning. So yeah I have to be honest, child rearing is not always a total joy joy joy and breeze, do not be fooled by any parent who says parenthood is one big fun time and easy, every day brings joys but also a heck of a lot of frustration, exhaustion and pain in arthritic parents cases.

Mr clingy finally asleep, husband trying to get his art work out to the masses and here I am blogging again, well I hate not doing any thing useful and am not here to just whine to any one living. I have to tell any reader about this amazing website, nothing to do with being creaky,bendy or wobbly, purely to do with bargain hunting and all helps every parents money stretch further but goes back to what I was saying about budgeting as a disabled parent. The site is:

Approved food this is a food shop that saves you 80% on all sorts from biscuits to chocolate to dishwasher tablets, to cooking sauces and baby products.

Basically as the guy on the "Approved food " video clip says "it's about more food in your cupboard, more money in your purse". 

As an example we got 48 Bakin Boys cupcakes for £2 so watch put friends and family, when you have a cup of tea here you will be expected to eat one of these cakes, that or the giant boot ,the hospital still made me take back with me just in-case I grow an extra foot over night for it to work, might require feeding, it looks to big to be inanimate, a picture will be on display tomorrow, too tired tonight to photograph the beast in the corner of the room. 

Good night all x

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