Monday, 13 August 2012

It's a bit difficult!

So every parent right now, with children on holiday in the UK, will understand when I say "it's a bit tricky doing anything with little one permanently buzzing around"!

I am reading a book, an excellent read, called "Politically Incorrect Parenting" by Nigel Latta. He is a Psychologist who not only has brought out this book for babies and toddlers, also has written one for teenagers and also writes a regular column about his antics as a parent. He writes about having to hide in his two year old daughters Wendy House with the window blinds closed just so he could dictate his latest column on to his iPhone for one minuet! Little one found him in two minuets, called him smelly poo poo face and with that he went with little one into town.

It is difficult to do any thing for me at the moment but I always do my best, I feel for my husband as he is having to care for me and our son and is ill himself however we club our resources together and get through a day with a happy giggling and chatting little man at the end of it still.

Of late though our concerns are about Christopher not walking. Suddenly conversations turn into a bit of "well you shouldn't do this",not always too productive! So we sat down once and formulated a plan because Mark is going to end up very ill and in hospital unless we pull something out the bag and fast! Without my husband around frankly we will have no choice but to get the brigade of carers in our locality over, some of these guys have been known to try and cook pasta actually by dumping whole bag of pasta in a boiling pan thinking it was boil in the bag,not entirely sure I want them around our son!

I feel immense pressure to fill Christopher's day with entertainment, I despise the use of technology to solely entertain him and feel guilty when we end up resorting to using TV. I try to play with Playdoh, water, I read at least ten books a day, we do sticker books, we do IPad apps together, we pretend to feed Chilly the snowman plastic food, pour cups of tea for Chilly who promptly melts so we pretend to put him in his toy box aka a Freezer to make him better. Then thought hmmm bad message so now we give Chilly ice cream and no hot drinks.

Chilly does not look as white and new as he does here thanks to him being given Playdoh to eat, taken outside for cuddles, good old trust snowman.

My entire play I worry about, am I doing enough, is it good enough what I do, are good messages included, is it helping him learn anything. So I accept my husbands point I try to do too much and what it seems to be resulting in is a child who feels no need to walk as mummy doesn't walk and mummy is still fun!

Today we are applying a new system although reader please note my husband has just taken son out for a push round to the postbox so not sure new system is strictly being applied! I have spent 30 mins entertaining our son, Daddy spent 40 mins with him on the Aquadoodle mat, then we left our son to his own devices, he played by himself for 30 mins before whinging. So we opened the safety gate to our little mans room, put the Ottoman across the stairs and he is currently crawling around my bed as I try to write this!

Already since trying to ignore his cute ways he has discovered our mirror can be fun!

We hope the new system of more time on his own to entertain himself will encourage him to get walking!

If he doesn't next years events include:

Two new knees for me, needing doing anyway they are just old replacements that I have at the moment, last done when I was 16.

Husband needs ankle fusions because of lifting son around.

I need a new shoulder

However any person wanting a baby who is disabled, wondering if it is worth it? Oh you bet!!! Both of us would have surgery every other day if we had to because every bit of sharing our sons life is worth it and very rewarding!

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