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Clothes for Autumn baby girls 0-6 mths

I have been hunting the shops for lovely accessible girls baby clothes for Autumn/winter 2012. I based the choices here on being easy for parents with severe dexterity difficulties, painful hands to muck about with dressing and also being quick for a parent to dress a chilly child in. I have tried to find clothes with no poppers, nice easy zips or big buttons and button holes.

Baby Girls clothes 0-18 months old:

Tights are very tough if your fingers are painful and grip poor, my husband and I found leggings with thin elastic tops, such as the ones below easy to put on and take off. Leggings with feet are great in winter as the little persons feet remain warm and there are no socks dispersed on the floor that we can't bend to pick up.


Leggings with feet from



Sling over head dresses:

From Girls newborn section:
Great stretch material with buttons at shoulder which open easily due to material having give at button holes. By opening head hole makes slinging over a child nice and easy :)
Girls value pull over dress from baby girl wear.

Envelope neck long sleeve tops:

are a must for parents with poor dexterity, these tops go well under dungaree dresses. The hole opens right out by simply pulling at the neck, no buttons or poppers around neck to make hole bigger needed to be fiddled with!
Long sleeve envelope neck top
Long sleeve envelope neck top
These come in several colours and age ranges on Amazon, from pink for girls to navy for boys.
Long sleeve envelope neck top
My son seems to have a large head and so for my arthritic hands these were a long vest substitute and a great easy solution! I still use these and buy them whether short or long sleeves as they are so easy for me to dress him in.
Long sleeve envelope neck top


Dungaree dress with clasps. From but you do need a little strength to work clasps.

BEST BUY! Easy pull on envelope open neck dress, ditch the tights, or have a go at them as this dress is only £12 and if tights no good get some leggings instead. From Marks and Spencer's online.





an issue of contention between my husband and I, I loath them because as though it isn't hard enough for me to pick my son up with my short arms, I have to pick him up in this mass of ridiculous material as well which makes my life tricky. My husband says it doesn't matter because our son is warm do here they are just for him!

Double open front zip makes locking and loading your child into these easy, good luck with lifting though! From
La redoute Ellios snowsuit , single zip down front.

If I take my child out on own this is the outdoor gear I choose:


Easy zip on fleece, any clothes with zips are a must in my world of parenthood! This one is on offer right now on Debenhams online! Click on top and it should take you there. From Bluezoo Baby at Debenhams.
Big easy button coat, non slip material for easy lifting, warm but not voluminous from Baby girls wear La Redoute online
If you already struggle to pick up your child due to upper limb difficulties then do yourself a favour and avoid waterproof items like the plague ! Your child will be almost ten times harder to pick up I can guarantee it!


Zip suits for day wear: - Major necessity for disabled parents to dress their child quickly and pain free.


Fleece zip suit:

they are rare whilst we are in summer season but will be in every supermarket and baby store come Autumn.

This is an example of a zip fleece suit from A central zip and no poppers makes for quick, painless dressing for both creaky parent and child.

Cotton Zip suits for warmer months:

These are a relatively new species of clothing but work in exactly the same way as the fleece ones, a central zip going all the way down, put child in and zip up, easy as that! I have awful dexterity and pincer grip so if I can do them I feel they are a solution for many! I can even use my teeth to do zip up on bad day!
Cotton zippy suits from
Cotton zippysuits are rare to find full stop in the UK, these are available from
Pretty light pink suit from

Velcro Baby vests and baby grows:-

Available in pink for girls under premature range of baby vests both in store at Mothercare or available on their online store at They go from premature up to Newborn size.

I would not want to take all the joy and excitement out of any one choosing clothes for their first baby, I hope my suggestions at least help you on a search for clothes. Poppers may be no issue for some reading this in which case you can go town, however for those that know they will struggle with fiddling around trying to do one popper (just stand in baby store and try a new baby vest to see if you struggle) there are lovely clothes out there. You don't need to feel left out, your child will look as cute in a zip suit and hat as it will in frilly dresses.


Look around but the key to finding easy clothes before you have your child in your arms is to look for stretchy fabrics, large buttons, zips or elastic.

I just want to end this post by saying to disabled parents to be, never listen to any one tell you you won't be able to manage, this is absolute rubbish. We have to do things differently to our well counterparts but does anyone care as long as our child is safe and well looked after!?! I bath my baby in a baby bath sat on top of a bath board which is over our bath, my well friends do not do this but they think it is cool I bath my child in my way, my son doesn't care how Molly down the road is bathed, my Occupational therapist told me she stopped bathing her children at 8 months and sat them with her on the floor of a shower so they could both get cleaned and she was a well mother just on her own a lot! People don't care if your child is in a pink zip suit or a pink dress, they just see a happy,cute baby. Do not get upset about how you will be as a parent, you will be great, there are so many great practical solutions in normal high street or online stores that the chances are there will be at least three ways to do something that suits you and your child, using items already on the market available to all parents, able bodied or not.





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