Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Latest helpful gizmos in baby care and wear.

It is important this blog moves with the latest gizmos and gadgets, buggies and easy dress, lovely clothes on the market, in the high street and online now!


Don't forget that sales are on now too so stock up on clothes for next year for your child in order to save money because as a disabled parent you have to make savings where you can to buy all the equipment you need to independently parent.

I also absolutely must bring your attention to a hire baby equipment web site, this is ideal for us disabled parents to see if a product will work well for us before we waste any money:



This company asks for a deposit down and depending how long you borrow an item for ( to be quite honest you can tell if an item is worth buying or not in the first two hours of using it), a day rental will cost you £1, £5 for the week etc. They have the legendary top "DisABLEd Positive Parent" recommendation of a "BUMBO" seat, hooray!


Here are some latest interesting products from across the board of baby shops:





For babies that can sit up. This mat supports your little one whilst you get on with washing your child. If like me one arm really only works a bit to do useful jobs then this mat allows you to get on. Always supervise child in a bath no matter what seat or aqua pod they are in.


Puj Tub Folding bath for over a sink!

Wow! Where was this gizmo when I needed it!?! Basically this is thin foam that is soft to touch and malable,that you can fold out to sit new born in sink securely and comfortably. It's got very shallow sides to get baby out if you have short arms or painful elbows etc. As it's use is designed for in a sink it is at a great height for parents in a wheelchair (persuming you have a sink at your height) or parents who struggle to bend down to bath a child in baby bath in floor etc.


Bed guard:

These are not new items, you may find these a genius can't live without piece of kit when your little one is crawling and you can not play on the floor but have to make do with a bed as your floor substitute to play. We have a single bed in our sons nursery jammed in a corner of his room so two walls surround head board and one side of bed, a bed gaurd can secure the other side, behind you use common sense! These will come in useful when you chuck out the cot so not a waste of money in my opinion.


Travel high chairs:


Bumbo seat and play tray-

You know this is my top bit of kit due to no fiddly straps and holding a child securely, even one that needs support to sit! They have trays that you have to buy separately however until your child is eating finger food which doesn't happen until eight months I wouldn't waste the extra money on a tray myself.


Munchkin Travel Booster Seat.


You have to consider your child's age and development and temperant as a parent. The Bumbo is good whilst a child is not a wriggler and heck why bother with straps on Highchairs if your child knows to sit still and fits its Bumbo!


There will be a time where you need a chair which can either sit right up to a table or has a tray and annoyingly they all come with straps. So buy the Munchkin or Mothercare travel seat second hand so the fastenings are loose enough to do and undo very easily with painful unstable fingers.


However this seat is one of the easiest I have tried, I have a very quiet sensible, listening,gentle little man AT THE MOMENT and so I would put his meal beside this chair, then slip him in and to heck with doing extra straps!

Or Mothercare own travel booster folding Highchair.


Honestly my son always eats well, this was only take because it was his first real cake!
I would recommend getting this chair second hand because there are straps to do but the tray literally rips of and on! No tricky levers to pull or push under tray to take tray off.


Otherwise, if you insist on buying new, you must be able to hold a metal nail file and get filing the prongs on the fastening belt, by filing the prongs down on the buckle you will find it clips open and clicks shut with ease. This took. My arthritic husband took three hours to file down but his hands look like this!


We don't bother with full high chairs as the levers to push and pull to remove the tray, the height of them when I am four foot nine and need to sit to feed my son etc. Also errr who lives in huge houses any more where we can store all this baby junk?!? Foldable, bijou seems the way forward!






Oh www.zippysuits.co.uk how I worship at your altar! At last a lightweight cotton baby grow onesie with no poppers just a nice easy to use zip. No more struggling with pain shooting in fingers as you try desperately to do a popper up and there are ten more to go! Great for daywear on cooler spring or autumn days.


Wooly Comforts.

I try to find both practical items that work for disabled parents and support lesser known businesses.

A must have clothing item for dribbling babies and if changing a child is a massive ordeal, really hurts your joints, this will at least protect the top end of your child's clothes getting wet.


These lovely patterned dribble bibs are of better quality than well known brands in my opinion because they have thick Terry Towling backing the lovely colourful material at front. They also do up with Velcro rather than awful poppers which many of the more well known brands use.




Some sleep suits are a total dexterity nightmare so if you are unsure of what you can manage, first time round go and look at sleep suits. However here is are two examples of do able sleep suits with poor hand movement or strength, do able because they are zip from bottom up which means you haven't got such a fiddle trying to bring the zip together, if you don't get what I mean you soon will when you go look at bags in person!

Front zip open bag £14.99 from Zazdas.co.uk
www.bambinodirect.co.uk £23.39

There are some lovely accessible clothes coming out in the UK shops for our little darlings. I will be doing a blog on this tomorrow. How come there are always such lovely clothes for girls and boys always an array of grey, blue and black !?!

























  1. Have you seen there is a recall of Bumbo seats in the States? (http://recall.bumbousa.com/)

    Looks like people have been putting them on tables and babies have fallen out, so they are going to add straps :(

    This shows a video of the 'repair kit' straps which I assume will appear on future seats.


    I'm really disappointed, I don't think it will work as well for disabled parents in future.

  2. Hi yes I read this and thank you for saying. I wondered about whether to or not. Who on earth leaves a child in a Bumbo on a high surface, what idiots! Just because of a few lemons an excellent bit of kit for disabled parents is now in jeopardy! So disabled peeps it is up to you, continue to use Bumbo responsibly without strap, buy strap and put it on which may make this seat no longer useful to disabled parents who find strap buckles difficult, or go to the travel Highchair I blog about and ditch the Bumbo all together? It has to be your choice but for goodness sakes don't be a lemon and leave a child, even for a moment, in a Bumbo on a high surface, that is just irresponsible in my opinion x

  3. thanks for posting.