Thursday, 8 September 2011

Socks On update

                                                                    sock ons spread

Well the turquoise "socks on" arrived on our doorstep yesterday.

My son has been giving them a real test drive and here are my thoughts.

I brought aged 6-12 moths as he is 8 months. They arrive on little feet card cut outs. it is very obvious how they go on. They look like tiny bits of Lycra fabric with a hole in the middle for the heel, they are available in every colour of the rainbow and then some!

I peeled them off the cardboard and approached my sons feet. I had had the usual day of finding socks lying around his cot every time I went to get him after a nap. I put his socks on him again for the 8th time that day and then slipped the "Socks On" over each sock. I must admit I found them fiddly, you do need a bit of grip to be able to manipulate them over a child's foot. If you have no dexterity then these will not work for you. I tried putting them on with my mouth but they are so tiny you would struggle.

As a mother who can use her fingers and hands to some extent, although my grip, hand movement and strength is quite restricted, I did manage to get these "Socks On", on! I got my husband to also attempt putting them on as he has only a pincer grip in his hands, he has no ability to make a fist and struggles with fiddly buttons, however he has more strength in his hands than I do. He managed to get them on too.

They look lovely, almost a fashion trend. I must admit having worn hand splints and various bandages etc on me as a child I was a little concerned they might look a bit "special" but not at all! They are super lovely.

Finally ladies and gents, the socks stayed on, I have won the battle with my son! My son sat in his Bumbo and pulled and pulled at the sock and got no where. We went out to my sisters house and he went for a walk, no socks were left lying around the roads for once. The socks stayed on all day.

 This has been an excellent product and I shall be buying more colours,they are very cheap wherever you buy them from, the most I have seen them retail for is £5 and you can usually pick up a pair for around £3. They are well worth the fiddle of getting them on if going out. I don't worry about socks if we are not going out, in the winter he'll be in zip fleece sleepsuits with feet already in built but for going out and about in smart wear,"Socks On" get a definite five stars for parents who struggle to pick flying clothing garments off the floor! If you suffer from a bad back please think about saving yourself a lot of pain and effort and get some!

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That's all folks for now x

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