Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I got on that thing called floor today!


I know that some things in animals are innate like a duckling taking to water but I thought I would take matters of child development into my own hands,head for the dreaded floor and teach crawling!

So I slid off the bed in my sons room onto the floor. My husband popped Christopher onto the floor. I then stated to slither around like a badly co-ordinated snake in my smart work dress! 

I had at least struggled onto the floor so I was going to make the most of it. I rolled my son onto his tummy and rolled onto mine and we both just lay there like stranded slugs really, all be it petite slugs! I had a toy car on the floor so I pushed the car ,with my nose, towards my son. We laughed, we both collapsed with exhaustion at one point, heads in the carpet but both he and I put our heads up,looked at each other and a great big semi toothless grin came over his face,I felt I had gotten a grip of one of my fears and was being the best mummy I could be. Rather than worry about what I can't physically do and what Christopher may be missing out on development wise because of my lack of being able to move like well parents, I would at least have a darn good attempt at it! 

So we stayed on that floor for a good hour! Ok neither of us will be winning crawling races but at least ,in my mind, I feel I have done what any other parent would do. I actually think few parents would do what I did, I expect they would be sensible and pop their baby on the floor and not actually get on their tummies and demonstrate crawling but heck, I laugh in the face of dignity haha. As I say if it takes you ten mins to slide off a bed onto the floor and another ten to try and get back up and your husband five mins to bend enough to pop baby onto floor, you really have to bring home your point! 

So tomorrow my assistant dog, who is after all trained to help me up from the floor, I, baby and husband will all be going for lesson two in crawling.

We may have odd ways of doing things, we may go about doing things in a slower way than "able bodied" parents but we are teaching our child that "where there is a will there is a way",not to give up or give in and let others sort it out for you and that a bit of patience reaps a lovely reward, heck I waited for years for my husband and child to come my way,I have definitely been given the best reward any one could ask for!

Lovely parents, whoever you are reading this, hopefully someone is reading my waffle,keep smiling and keep being the fabulous person you are x

P.S if you think I'm taking a picture of my son and I demonstrating a crawling session then you are seriously mistaken my friends haha.


  1. "where there is a will there is a way" - what a wonderful thing to teach your child :-)

  2. This is a great post... does he crawl yet? I often used to try and demonstrate crawling to my son but to no avail (he must have been well sick of my 'demos' tho as he eventually just got up and walked off!). I occasionally wish I hadn't been in quite such a hurry to get Isaac on the move as now I can barely keep up with him! x

  3. Haha thanks guys. Isaac sounds a busy boy, I think my assistant dog will loose her lead and start learning to take Christopher and I for walkies, she can help me hold onto his reigns! I shall make the most of this time then and not wish away this lack of crawling thing! Made me laugh when Fiona says "he must have been well sick of my demos as he eventually got up and walked", I can so see my son being the same haha.
    Keep smiling x

  4. hehe - good luck!

    My youngest just started to shuffle about a month ago (she is nearly 18 months) we skipped the crawling stage,

    she watches us walk all the time but seems to have little interest in trying that one out herself!!!!

  5. Great post. I used to crawl around trying to get my youngest son to copy me. My older two boys would get down on the floor with me too, but the little one just used to watch us and laugh. Not surprising really... :-)

  6. Ahhh see now magazines never say the reality of what lengths us mummies and daddies are prepared to go to, including slinging dignity out of a window and wiggling about on floors.

    Really glad I am not alone in such antics of encouraging our children to move on a stage. Mind you I think our babies are smarter than they let on, they just need to see a good comedy show and we are their chosen subjects!


  7. Great post :) Floor playing is great fun ;) I often crawl around the floor after my little ones heehee