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Lets talk fashion.

Cute baby clip art graphic, boy baby crawling and girl baby sitting
Cute easy baby fashion!

What's hot on baby wear that is both gorgeous on him or her and yet is easy for you to put on and what will be being placed in the proverbial bin!

I have spent far too many hours than I care to mention checking all baby clothing shops and sites and doing such research. I have stretched waist bands. checked out button sizes and button holes, looked for things with feet built in, zips and warmth and cuteness because after all, like any mummy, I want my child to look nice.

What's HOT:

Pajamas with long sleeves and envelope necks.

I purchased some very cute pajamas from Tesco clothing and they come as a two pack.Note the easy envelope neck opening means if dressing with poor dexterity or using mouth the top is easier than non envelope necks to get over a child's head. They are on sale now so get them quickly!

Don't forget George at Asda available online and in store Pink girly PJs also available in blue for £3
2. Zipped Sleepsuits as daywear.

These suits are seriously a godsend, easy to stick on,no fiddly fastenings, look cute and are warm! If you find them easy to manage get a load in as they go from shops come January! Here is a sample of what is available:

Next stars sleepsuit for boys and Next spotty sleepsuit for girls. No image available for this on blog see links.

Teddy zip suit for the warmer spring days or as PJs perhaps. Not for cold days though!
Girls sleepsuit from George

Boys sleepsuit at George

3.Outfits with feet. 

Avoiding the nightmare of socks! 

Next do a lovely fleece dungaree set with buttons on the dungaree part, unfortunately there are two poppers on the t-shirt but we ignore doing those up or maybe do one if our hands are working that day. 


Vertbaudet do a lovely boys outfit that although expensive is a good smart outfit for the festive season.

Cute Vertbaudet baby boy outfit

La-redoute all in one,easy big button fastenings.

Next do an adorable "white elephant dungaree set" with easy, good sized button fastening with feet sewn in-pls follow link Next elephant set

4.Leggings with feet.

An excellent substitute for girls as tights can be difficult to grip and sustain the grip in order to get baby into.Good for both boy and girl as are a substitute for trousers and avoiding the battle with socks.

Legging with feet a substitute for tights

You can buy many colours of leggings with feet from all over but Ellos offer a fair range, please follow link All different colour leggings with feet

5. Dresses with no fiddly fastenings,not a popper in sight! 
Mothercare pull over head dress

Easy wool pull over head dress-House of Fraiser

6.Zip Jumpers/Cardigans/fleece tops. 

No worry about pulling a top over a babies head. Simply lay the top on a bed, open top up, place baby in middle or roll baby onto top, put baby in and zip up. 

Vertbaudet zip cardy

7. Button neck jumpers.
Vertbaudet boys sweater

You seriously do not want to struggle trying to get the largest part of your baby through a small head opening, it is physically difficult if you have weak muscles or poor grip and scary for baby! 

What's NOT:


 Difficult for poor dexterity users. Hard to press together, hard to rip open. If you get vests then get supermarkets own as for some reason the poppers are easier and struggle with just doing the popper in the middle.Or get someone with a sewing machine to exchange poppers for velcro, alternatively depending on how big your baby is Mothercare do some velcro long and short sleeve vests in their prem baby clothes range. 

2. Small head opening t-shirts or jumpers. 

Horrid for the baby whilst you battle getting their head through, baby gets scared, you feel bad and worn out, disaster. Look for envelope neck openings or big button fastening jumpers/t-shirts. 

3. Thick elastic on tights, leggings,PJs or trousers. 

Thick bands of elastic can either be awful if you have weak grip or really useful if you don't have the flexibility in your hand to make a grip. My husband will prefer thick elastic as his fingers do not flex. I prefer a thin band of elastic as my fingers do flex but my grip is weak so pulling thick elastic over my childs bottom is difficult. 

4. Zips that jam on sleepsuits,jumpers.

Check zips before you buy because if they are difficult you may as well not have purchased something that potentially can make life very easy.

5. Tiny buttons on denim material.

Nightmare,heavy denim does not have a lot of give so only too often the button hole is too small for the button and you can be there for a long time just fiddling about with trying to push the button through the hole, no good if you have a wiggling baby getting more and more annoyed with you.  

Always try things in the shops before buying unless you know you can manage zips and buttons on your own clothes. I think that is the general rule with buying clothes for your child, if you can manage certain fastenings on your own clothes there should be no reason why you can not manage on your baby's clothes.

Happy shopping all x



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