Saturday, 3 September 2011

Socks staying on!


Really quick post, it's our wedding anniversary today so don't want to unromantically blogging when the atmosphere should be romantic!

Its getting cold, our son constantly pulls off socks and hence either my assistant dog is on overtime picking up after him, or there are several of his socks strewn around various streets that we decided not to struggle in reclaiming! Its what babies do best. Your options are either:

1. buy a load and I mean loads, of basics or value baby socks from supermarkets and laugh when he or she chucks one on the floor when out and about and you can't bend down to get it.

2. uy clothes like leggings with feet built in and fleece zip sleep-suits,which I tend to do and have already mentioned previously in the blog.

3.Try "Socks On", See the picture above, which is my most recent trial purchase! I have just brought some brand new from e-bay because if my hands or the husbands hands can't manage the elastic in them then they will be in the bin! Loads of retailers do them such as Amazon or I will hopefully get these soon and I shall let you know how I get on.

I am determined to win the war against babies pulling off their socks!

Cheers guys x

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