Friday, 29 June 2012

View from below my foot!

Check me out with my swanky iPad !!! An item we never usually fork out for but the boredom of being completely bed bound, I can't even get about on crutches,we have one toddler who requires extensive menus of entertainment hardly accessible to me right now, the iPad seemed the only solution! Honest it was the only solution!!!!

So here I am, my left ankle was operated on on the 18th of June, due to pregnancy nearly every joint hanging on over the years suddenly decided to give up the ghost! So we start from the bottom and work our way up in terms of what jobs need doing on my joints. The ankle is first up as takes months before I am allowed to get up on it so we felt that needed to be got out of the way whilst our son is too young to remember it. I have an attractive purple plaster on to match my assistant dogs purple "Canine Partner" jacket. Well my dog being a lady and I need to stick together in our man household and ensure colour co ordination occurs at all times, we lead by example to our chaps in the house!

I am due a replaced elbow, a new shoulder, two new knees and might see if they can sling in a new wrist for being such a great customer!

So my son and I are back to spending classic days on a bed together, reading from ladybird app on the iPad, doing flash cards for toddlers on the iPad, singing songs with nursery rhymes from guessed it, an iPad app. the apple slogan is "there's an app for that" is not wrong. I don't have to leave my bed, any time my son gets bored there is always an app to be had.

With the rise of technology there is yet another whole new world out there to utilise for disabled parents. Nearly all parents have days where they feel exhausted but imagine if you really can not leave your bed or have a choice to just nip out with baby, this is a reality for disabled parents. I can honestly say you will not go far wrong adding a tablet onto your list as essential baby equipment along with the fantastic "Bumbo" seat, "Maxi Cosi Axis" car seat etc.

Top apps for babies and toddlers:

e baby flash cards (450 words with pictures and number cards conplete with sound affects for ambulance,motorbike,elephant etc). Free app!

Ladybird classic me books - If you were brought up on those "Read it yourself" fairy tale books or "Ladybird Farm talk about" you will love this app. Great for babies and toddlers with easy descriptions and lovely illustrations which are interactive. First book is free but cost £1.49 per ladybird book if you want to have a collection going.

Old McDonalds farm and Twinkle star, two lovely apps full of games for toddlers, bright cheerful large farm characters, lovely songs, peekaboo games etc. Free but to open full game cost 69p

Magic town- A fabulous app that already gives away ten free toddler and children's books without paying a dime! The Magic town itself is a bright world full of odd looking happy animals and characters that once you click on they go off and get your little reader a book to read. Brilliant app, can not rate it high enough!

For non tech parents top activity suggestions from a bed:

Teach baby French with the Collins First French Picture Dictionary, illustrated by Nick Sharatt.Galt cotton reel threading

Saucepan,spoons a wood and metal and plastic one,plastic beaker or cup,teddy and pretend are cooking and feeding teddy

A friend of mine gave me a brilliant book called Brain games for babies,toddlers and twos by Jackie Silberg

Bubble mixture and wand, if your child can crawl make sure your bedroom door is shut and helper removes any objects on the floor and blow bubbles, enjoy the giggles as they chase bubbles!

I have not been on here for a while, the reason for this is purely because my son is now 18 months old! It makes no difference if you are disabled or not the fact remains the older the child gets the more mischief they can get up to and you really barely have time to nip to the loo let alone ponder issues of the day. Christopher still is not walking and I wonder if this is because when his father and I take a step our faces look pained even if we are thinking we hid pain! Equally the simple truth is every child does what they can in their own time, Christoher is happy and healthy, he says loads of words, loves numbers and does stand up clinging onto sofas or any other sturdy surface. We are not too worried really as his intellectual development is good and unlike me at 15 months screaming in pain every time I stood up, he grins ear to ear and babbles so I know he is happy and enjoying life and that is what matters to us :)