Monday, 16 January 2012

Health visitor motor skill check up

Today was Christopher's year old check up/MOT to see if all things motor skill were working as should be.

Long story short all is on track perfectly. She and I were surprised being that there is no one available in this house, not even healthy assistant dog, who can do much physical play with him but I had a door frame bouncer (had two but only the "Tippitoe" is workable for my husbands bonkers hands), which he has been using since he was six months old, a "Bumbo" seat which is sold as a seat designed to encourage your child to learn to sit independently which he has been in since 5 months and a fantastic walker which actually puts a child in standing position called "Babylo walker" since six months.

All the above items are great aids for parents who struggle because of their mobility issues,in getting their child to do some of those physical tasks such as sitting on own and weight bearing.

I was given a paediatric Physio self referral card today and "parents to be" this is important. If you are completely unable to put a child in a walker or door bouncer (I can manage putting son in walker but the husband has to be on door bouncer duty) then think about self referral to a paediatric Physio probably when your child is reaching three months. Talk it over with your Health Visitor when they come and visit at the three month stage.If you know you will find it hard to be able to get your child weight bearing it is no shame, heck our children will get ten books read to them a day and lots of time instead and many mums find that hard to do, get your child referred! A paediatric Physio will be able to advise you of exercises that you can or should be able to do with your child to help move on your child's motor skills, they will assess your physical difficulties in moving your child and work with you. This week I have felt a failure up until the health visitor came, I haven't got the only car seat I can manage yet, the order is taking forever, so still not been able to get my son out, was worried Christopher was not standing on his own etc. However I need not have worried so here is another tip don't worry, you can only do what you can do and your child will get there in his own time but equally don't listen to any one around you who has babies because they will be not very usefully telling you what their child did at aged one and most of it will be an opportunity to boast!

Verbalising, well my son takes after me and babbles for England, smiles and now says the word "Doggie"! So we have "Duck", "Doggie" and "Tedd". I wish my ankle joint would hurry up and land on my surgeons desk (maybe the same company used to deliver my axiss car seat are being used to deliver my ankle joint!) there is so much fun and life out there to be had that I really need it now, not for me, for my son, I want him to have the childhood fun that I couldnt have as a child but will make sure I can try and share in with Christopher.

Happy Able Parenting all x

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