Friday, 20 January 2012


Right time for some me time.

I may have the added advantage of swallowing Pacman every day in the form of an anti inflammatory that eats every thing I eat and if nothing in my stomach will eat stomach lining! However I still want to keep petite and light on my feet for the sake of my old replaced joints and now am carrying a baby about I need to be double careful. So I am in detox, spring cleaning my body.

I tasted Green tea for the first time, why do things that are good for you taste rubbish!?!
I also purchased pure blackberry and blueberry fruit juice as these are also good antioxidants and immunostimulators. I am also taking some supermarket own vitamins and minerals along with another tablet which is Olive leaf extract which claims scientific evidence as an anti biotic, anti fungal and antioxidant. So in two weeks I hope to be blogging about the huge energy level I have, how I feel as strong as Popeye and look ten years younger as well as fairy light on my feet. I am sure all that is not much to ask being that I am putting effort and money into all these potions!

Off to drink some Blueberry juice now.


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