Thursday, 6 February 2014

In Loving Memory

Hello to all readers of Caroline's blog. This is her husband Mark writing.
It is with deepest sadness that I must say that my beautiful wife Caroline passed away on Christmas day 2013. She was only 36 years of age.

Myself and Christopher (who turned 3 years old at the end of December) now have to continue through life on our own, which at the moment seems like an impossible task.
Anyone who met Caroline could not help but fall for her warm, sunny, bubbly nature. She gave her time selflessly to numerous charities and was known internationally for this blog.
Caroline was an absolutely wonderful mother. She loved Christopher more than anything else in the world and would have done anything for him. Any time that she had, she would spend with him reading, playing, doing crafts and cooking with him. She was even teaching him French!
Caroline was the most beautiful, amazing wife that a man could ever wish for. Her never-ending support and patience for everything that I did often surpassed my own.
The love and friendship that we shared is something that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

I wrote a poem for Caroline, which I read at her funeral. I had so many things that I wanted to say about this wonderful person that I had the privilege of being married to, I thought it was best summed up in a poem.
For Caroline
My life was most times empty
And often dark as night
Until the day you stole my heart
And filled my world with light.
Your happiness infected me
Your grace taught me to share
Your presence filled my life with love
And joy beyond compare.
Anyone whose life you touched
Loved you from the start
Your sunshine personality
Your warm and caring heart.
You brought so much to those you met
Your strength, your light, your hope
Your courage in what life dealt you
Inspired us all to cope.
You gave your time so selflessly
To anyone in need
You made their pain more bearable
And paid your own no heed.
Your life has been a testament
To how we all should live
To see the good in all around
To smile, to strive, to give.
You gave more than you’ll ever know
Especially to me
Your life lives on in our wonderful child
And all that he will be.
If I could give my life for yours
For you to be here still
I would, for you deserve to live
More than I ever will.
It breaks my heart to say farewell
To you, my darling wife
I love you, and I always will
My one true love, my life.
1977 - 2013