Thursday, 25 August 2011

Nappy Time!

Sorry for not blogging yesterday, I seem to have run out of fuel, Christopher is awake all day but to be fair he sleeps all night so I can not complain. There are only so many Peter and Jane books,dinging on xylaphones, building with soft blocks (cos he likes to knock them down and they always fall on my bumpy wrists haha) etc. I really look forward to when he can walk a little, I can take him out in the car on my own, we can sit at our dining table and play finger painting, bake cakes at our new IKEA kitchen etc. At the moment I spend hours sat on the bed with him sat beside me playing with plastic stuff! Am off to a hospital appointment in Bath so have to set of soon so it will be a speedy one today but a helpful one I hope.

Nappies, you have no choice but to deal with this subject. I have been up close and personal to a few of Christophers nappies because my hands have been too bad to do any brands velcro fastenings with my hands so have resorted to my trusty teeth. My teeth do every thing, what a fantastic tool that was in the human design.

So when you are first announced preggers by the GP you will be reffered to a midwife within 6 wks if you are "special" or 10 wks if you aren't! During the midwife session you will be handed a bounty envelope which contains your hospital notes and some other info from Bounty. You will fill in your details and then throughout pregnancy and beyond be sent free things from bounty including nappy vouchers. Now this is the trick to know in advance. When you are in hospital having your baby a Bounty rep will visit, she asks "What type of nappy will you likely be buying?", as a first time mum I just looked at her dumbly as this was hardly a burning question to me at the time to which I had any real answer. I said Huggies or Tescos own. I only said Huggies as I had read on an arthritis forum that this brand had easy fastenings. I am pleased I did though as I now get vouchers for these products. Important info now:

Sainsburys- excellent nappy, contains everything, absorbent but awful fastenings, tricky to undo, so bad that my husband can not manage them at all and I can only do them using my teeth!

Tescos nappies- Premature nappy is not very absorbent and so more changing required which as you creaky parents know takes a lot of time! However the bigger nappies are fantastic as they have easy fastenings and are absorbent and keep every thing in, even runny poo! Fastenings are so light even someone with a very flimsy pincer grip could do it. With teeth it is a quick job too.

Huggies, a fab nappy for the wiggly child. We are using these now Christopher is 8 mths old, keeps all in, fastenings are very easy with a lot of elastic in that is light and easy to pull but holds Mr wiggler in nicely.

Pampers, expensive and I didn't feel the fastenings were as good as Huggies, less tag to get hold of although they undid easily etc.

I really hope this helps new parents, honestly well parents spend their lives having to plan a military operation around their babies, times this by two and this is what a creaky person  may have to do  :o) But you can do it! You do not have to undignify yourself with a human carer if you do not wish to.I almost came to that point out of despair and loneliness but I researched and thought, no I have never had carers and I am not going to change my ethos now!

Next hot episodes-hahahha, will be about carrying, sun cream and the perils of it and outting and abouting.

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