Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Good morning creaky people

Hope you all slept well, my husband sounds like an old motor car, chugging away, bad chest. One of the joys on being on one of our medications called ANTI tnf or Enbrell is bad chest infections. So he is off to the doctors to stack his body up with steroids and anti biotics. I meanwhile have pill popped for the day, feel super happy and ready to get on!

I have just finished wrestling with my son in order to get him dressed,he is into autumn clothing now which means even more mucking about as there are more layers required. He and I are both off out later for his cousins birthday party which reminds me that I must finish wrapping presents and get Christopher to draw a scribble on some card for a Birthday card. I need to walk my assistant dog otherwise she goes on strike and almost looks at me as if to say "you can forget me picking up his toys for you!". Then I need to discuss having a wall built at the front of our house with a builder who is popping over and complain to IKEA that the kitchen installers left two arthritics with kitchen doors that have been fitted so badly  that we have to try and slam the doors shut, not great for rubbish hands. Life of a busy parent, often disabled parents can't afford to be disabled, just as any parent can't afford to be ill,you just deal with it, get on with it, no matter how mad "it" and life is. I like it that way, better than sitting still feeling fed up or bitter with life, bring life on I say!

Hope these "Socks On" things work because our cheeky little one keeps sliding them off and dispersing them every where! This is fine if we are in the house but not so hot out and about because either my assistant dog is constantly having to pick them up before we even get in a shop or my rather ill husband attempts to and I think he would keel over today if he had any sock picking up activity . I will let you know, they may be the answer to our prayers!

Right my mother is over now, best go discuss plan of action with this front garden and wall, she is helping us buy astro turf for the front garden as we both struggle with lawn mowers, in fact truth be told we can't use one and an electric sheep will just get stolen at the front of the house despite us living in a nice area. I feel a bit sacrilegious putting in my "English Country Garden" Astro Turf! Mind you,if they made great big Lego flowers for outside of houses I would be buying these cos that would look fantastic and just a laugh, there's a thought for you Lego!

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