Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Tomato sauce on the floor.

My "Canine Partners" dog,friend and carer. The kindest dog in the world.

Our house is a bit bonkers at the moment. I have a golden lab sat here looking a bit cross, a son in a walker looking a bit like he is willing his legs to move the walker to get to the dog. "Waybaloo" is blasting out, YoJoJo is sounding far too smiley! We have friends calling on the phone as they are coming at the weekend.They keep asking random questions about what will there be to eat, not high on our priorities list right now!

Mr Tescos has just delivered, what a godsend online grocery shopping is to any parent! Fantastic for creaky people as when I am in a supermarket, I can not reach anything other than a shelf at my 4ft 11 waist line, plastic hips and knees mean I don't bend and arms that don't stretch. My assistant dog comes with me sometimes to the Supermarket, she takes a long sniff as we walk past the butcher counter and always keeps a beady eye on the soft toys in the toy section but she can also help get items off a shelf for me as long as it's a shelf below my waist line! She can also take my purse to the cashier and they can get my card out, some of these dogs even can do chip and pin with their noses!  However all of this is a long and exhausting process for both my dog and me, it can take me two hours to get around Tescos to buy 15 things on a list. So hurrah for online shopping!

Unpacking is madness! My husband has just managed to throw the ketchup every where, his brain works quicker than his arthritic joints, we have smashed several plates over the weekend, not due to any domestic row or because of a Greek party but because his hand forgets to grasp things, we need to buy plastic plates soon or shove dignity aside and eat from our sons plastic baby bowls! The dog is looking lustfully at the ketchup all over the floor, our son still wants to try to run her over in his walker.Yojojo is still singing on the tv! Gosh being a parent is fun and games,right time for every one to calm down, dog to be put out of site of tempting ketchup, I need to make a cup of tea for husband, our son needs to go to bed and then I need to hit the online high street for Christmas shopping!

Parenthood, it is bonkers! I could not have been told this prior to being a mother.No one could have relayed to me how manic it all is or how actually as an ill parent it can drain you, you may not get to eat all day and you may not even get time to get fully dressed,comb your hair or even get to the loo! Equally no one could have told me that no matter how exhausted you are, you miss your baby when he is asleep and you can't wait for him to wake up and all the madness start again!  :oD

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