Sunday, 23 October 2011

Speedy blog today.

My best blogs seem to be the ones done on the run, or the slow walk in my case!

Well the round up of our weekend has been a good one.

I was persuaded by my sister and my brother in laws sister to purchase a snowman zip suit from Saninsbury's for our son to wear on Christmas day, I'm not sure I would feel full of good will to all if I was made to dress as a snowman at Christmas but heck, it has to be done. No poppers to be seen on this suit so if you want to humiliate your baby like I am and have creaky hands then get this. I have checked all retail shops for accessible outfits and the Supermarkets yet again win the award! Also in Sainsburys, there is a spider outfit for little ones that has no poppers!

Secondly we went to see "We Will Rock You" at Bristol Hippodrome yesterday. It was excellent and also as a day out to the panto with children this theater is excellent at sorting out accessible seats for both those in wheelchairs and those who can transfer to seats but can't do stairs like me. Can't fault them and what is more, you get half price stall seats and you can take a carer/friend and get their ticket half price as well, or at least a huge discount. We Will Rock You was fantastic but our son stayed home with Grandma as it really was rather loud and probably scary for a nearly 10 month old!

Grandma no doubt had memories flood back of her four children yesterday! Christopher does not sleep during the day AT ALL! He is up, he likes attention, he will entertain himself for ooooo no more than 10 mins and then he moans until you read or cuddle him. Poor Grandma looked a bit exhausted when we got home. Mum has always been great, always there for me but in a way that has encouraged me to keep going,the children in my hospital ward were brought in toys, my parents brought in "Letts revise" guides! However when it comes to parenting I am absolutely exhausted and I sometimes wonder if life would be so much less painful and exhausting if we sat in wheelchairs and got carers in......NO! No can't do that, won't do that. I have a serious aversion to wheelchairs in the home, they are like big black spiders, I want them out ASAP! I know I have to use one out and about and my OTs would often feel I should use one every where but as my specialist said when I was a child or shouted at parents who allowed their arthritic children to use wheelchairs,"USE IT OR LOOSE IT".

My friend with Juvenile Psoriatic arthritis, who is a UN interpreter and now living in New York, is known as an "insanely happy fog horn" by my sister. We always try to be the best we can be,we don't really talk about our illness publicly, in fact I only do so via this blog, she does it through a therapist because she was finding it difficult to constantly keep the stiff upper lip we had been trained with throughout our childhood, in fact it was my friend visiting me and telling me about how she realized we bottled it all up and kept it all quiet that made me think, actually she had a point, maybe sometimes we needed to talk about the "arthritis" word. Sure we are in pain and sure we have regular tools taken to our joints to fix them but we never stop using them for the fear of god we had installed in us by this scary consultant we both saw and equally we both know how right she was to screech at those who sat around, I guess really both my friend and I have an awful lot to thank this doctor and our parents for.

Today my uni friends are still over, we will just relax and stay in as we have to travel back to Bristol next week to see a man about a new ankle joint.

Am sat here cramming a grain bar down me, it's 11am! Every parent knows how it is!


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