Monday, 3 October 2011

Slippy stuff = dangerous nightmare!


It is ridiculously warm out there but I feel a pressure from Society that we all should be out and about like Mad English men and women we all are. So today we hit a bird and deer park near us.

It took the usual two hours to get out of the house, once one has taken all medication we require to move for the day and move enough to have our usual wressle with Christopher over dressing him.

Then it was time for the sun cream- take note, some sun creams are so dangerous if you have problems lifting your baby without cream! I put on him a nice highest factor Nivea cream, it has always served my sensitive and very fair skin well so I thought lets slap it on my son for the day. I started at his arms, let it sit for a min and then did my usual pulling him into a sitting position on our bed, he knows how we do this and offers his little hands into each of mine and he tries to sit himself up whilst I pull him into the position. Only this time he went flying back and fortunately into the comfort of a squishy bed, it would have been a dreadful story if we were on the stairs or lifting him into a car seat, it makes me feel very sick thinking about that so I'll move swiftly on.

I then spent another 30 mins making sure not a smidgen of cream remained on his skin because every time he got warm the cream would have been so very hazardous! Please, please hear these words, you won't find this information on Disabled Parents Network or from OTs and yet it is a huge health and safety aspect for any parent with limited grip. There is a solution, my son is not nicely fried to a crisp:

Banana Boat Kids Powder Dri SPF30 175ml
Your best friend in the summer-Banana Boat powder dri,available at or Large Tesco supermarkets.

Banana Boat Kids Powder dry SPF30. What a fantastic product and actually it appears very sought after by adults as well as children if you check out the reviews on Amazon. Not only is the lotion a fantastic make up base,leaving your skin matt and spot free, but my "Able Parents" award has to go to this product for being a lovely dry lotion that is safe enough to lift your baby around with out slipping. The lotion smells lovely, goes on like a lotion and feels fresh, the bottle is easy to squeeze. After 30 seconds the lotion dries to a transparent powder. GET IT, GET IT, GET IT! Use it on yourself and not just your child as only one of you needs to be slippy to cause a nasty accident.

Don't use any cream based product on your child in his bath. Lifting a child out of a baby bath after using cream based bubble baths or soaps is incredibly dangerous. As our son is 9 months old we use Johnson's Baby shampoo, excellent stuff, cleans his body as well as head and has no ridiculous cream or oils. Bin oils for babies, I am sure oils are lovely but they really are so very dangerous. When our son was much younger we didn't put any thing on him except for water and some dentinox for his cradle cap.

Johnson's Baby Shampoo Original 500ml
Does any one really not know where to buy this?!? It's every where,in every supermarket!

Creams on yourself will probably need to go out of your beauty routine along with even combing your hair some days! If you get warm during the day and have slapped on cream after a morning shower, the cream can re-surface and make holding your child difficult. I put creams on at night when I am sure my little chap is not going to wake for many hours.

I am aware I must sound so know it all and cocky. I really don't know it all but the lack of information on daily child care for disabled parents is so shocking that a first time parent like me has had to do something  and make a change. Someone needs to try and share some information out there and it looks like I should start things going. I got told nothing,really that is all a bit rubbish but I could either sit and moan and cry into my soup or I can think right clearly some one needs to change this for others. If any one reads this who is a disabled parent then please, please throw in your thoughts on any of these blogs. I can only pass on so much information.

Thanks happy non slippy mummies and daddies x

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