Friday, 6 January 2012

DUCK! Also look at Maxi Cosi Axiss!

Christopher's first word was spoken on the 3rd of Jan at one years old and 4 days, so proud!

Right down to business, if I can pass no other help to disabled parents please take heed of this advice.

GET A MAXI COSI AXISS as soon as you child is 9 months.

You can pretty much get any car seat up to this age because they are all inaccessible if you have poor dexterity, painful hands, arms, back and or poor reach.

I wish someone had told me about this seat earlier as I would have been able to go out with my son and meet other mummies and babies as opposed to stuck in most of the first year of his life.

My grip is rubbish so if I can work the leaver on the side of the axiss to rotate the seat to face me then any one can.

The belt button is tricky but do able with rubbish hands and fingers.
The seat turns 360 degrees so the seat faces the car door entrance making doing seat belts easier and putting child in and out of seat a godsend in easiness.

Thank god as I was getting a bit depressed at not being able to take
my son out especially as being good socially is important to me.

The seat can turn either way so if you find getting your child out easier utilising one arm more than another then think about this when getting the seat put in the car. My right arm is stronger although fixed in a bent shape it seems a rock solid Popeye arm to me!

Anyway I await the seat to be delivered as I tried it out in Halfords but the seat was pricey at £200 and I managed to get it at "Precious Little Ones" for £150 but Amazon are doing them for £160 as another source.

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