Thursday, 29 December 2011

A year as a creaky parent!

Well tomorrow my son will be one years old.

All of my life I have studied for my education much of the time in hospital.

I graduated as a Psychologist, I dated when I thought as a child no one would want to date me.
I married my lovely and talented graphic artist husband in 2009.
I got a job somehow working with a 2012 scheme, never thought I would get such a job as that!
Managed to purchase this 1960s home, but my most greatest achievement is my son!

Being an ill parent has come with huge challenges, both my husband and I have youth arthritis which attacks organs as well as joints. However there is not one challenge we have not over come from not being able to do popper clothes and either finding other garments like zip sleepsuits, locating Velcro fastening vests or finding a buggy that is not awful to unfold with very weak hands etc yes ok there are joints that need replacing but we have been great parents, smiling through it and singing, laughing and cuddling and loads of reading to our son.

Still can not find a great solution for a accessible car seat, really don't think one exists! If the release strap belt button isn't difficult, it will come with a carry bar which acts as a roll bar that has stupid buttons either side of the seat to fold bar out of the way to get child in and out! However for the first year of a child's life they are not aware enough to need social groups so we haven't been able to go out much but he is older now and will be trying the maxi axis soon to see if we can access this easier. The axis swivels to face the car door entrance which should make getting our chap in and out easier. I will let you know the realities.

Remap- an organisation that takes shop brought baby equipment and adapts it to be creaky parent, user friendly have been fantastic. Make this your first port of call parents to be.

Sleep zip suits available largely in winter at Sainsburys, Next and lots of other high street stores, are very worth while grabbing for easy day wear, for those with limited hand movement. Also leggings with feet and envelope opening neck tops are also so easy to put on. Trousers with thin elastic tops are good if you have poor grip, dungarees with easy button holes are also easy.

Above all it has been one of the happiest and greatest moments, a child is full of joy, is the most amazing gift anyone can have. Every day there are moments of joy. I am privileged to be a huge part of my sons life. I would go to the ends of the earth for him, I do need an ankle and two knee replacements next year because of the picking my son up and getting on the floor to play with him but I will do it over and over to join him in laughter and learning.

I would say, to any disabled person, you can be an excellent parent, nothing will be a huge problem, there are solutions to every difficulty. Have faith in yourself, you will spend lots of time with your child because you can't chase social groups for the first year, your child will learn to be gentle and patient and probably read War and Peace by the time they start school due to reading being an easy and fun activity to do with your child.

Happy new year to all parents and children.


  1. What a lovely post. I hope your son had a lovely birthday and a great Christmas. I am in the position of trying to work out how I would manage having children with my disability and this post has given me such a lift, so thank you.

  2. Thank you Fiona, it is so important I help others know how it is and how do able it is. I was given no advice from professionals so am trying to change the experience for parents to be with disabilities. GO FOR IT x