Saturday, 17 December 2011

I do not like Green Eggs and ham

.....I do not like them Sam I am !

Ahh good old Dr Suess seems to be getting us through the mornings, our son loves these books.

Our mornings are consisting of a 30 min battle to change son for the day, feed and then play time including reading which I have to admit I love. I enjoy a little cuddle with Christopher and reading a good book to him even if the ending of "Green Eggs and Ham" is now somewhat predictable!

It is getting very cold here in the UK, probably nothing like other places but still it is chilly. So as there is also mega recession going on, most citizens can not afford to have heating on 24 7 and we are of no exception, it makes me smile that just down the road from us live my 60 plus year old, healthy, parents in their big house with their "footballers wives" electronic gates and they enjoy a winter fuel allowance every winter which means they wonder around in Hawaiian shirts with heating and CO2 blasting out of their property! Mean while their arthritic son in law and daughter don't get any such thing and have to cope with heating being on for an hour in the morning and two hours in the evenings.

As a result of having to watch heating and electricity bills we have massively limited tv viewing which is no bad thing for our child any way, we also and more importantly, tried out popper cotton sleepsuits to go under Christopher's zip suits in an attempt to make sure he is as warm as is possible.

Don't bother! If your hands lack in dexterity these cotton popper all in one things are pointless and difficult no matter where you buy them from. The child ends up shivering whilst you are changing a nappy and then trying to do up the 8 poppers is not worth the struggle at all. Instead we have gone to various web sites and High street stores such as M&S and purchased "leggings with feet" in two sizes, 9-12 months and 12-18 months and got some long sleeve vests second hand from ebay as the poppers between the crotch area have been worked by someone  else so they are very easy to do up and undo, an envelope long neck t shirt would probably work just as well if poppers are a complete no no. Then we put the zip fleece suit on him, he has a snowman one from Sainsbury's with a brilliant full length zip on it and a Thomas the Tank Engine one from E-bay,don't be tempted to buy zip suits with a zip that only goes half way down as getting a babies legs into these is difficult. I prefer zips that go from top to crotch area.

Apart from that our tree is up, house decorated for Christmas, smelling of Christmas thanks to various scented candles and we are all really excited. The only thing I want to find five mins to do today is to decorate the ginger bread house but that is very much dependent on little man giving me a moment!

Well back to it I go, I expect he is already running the dog over in his walker!


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