Thursday, 16 February 2012

A fantastic valentines day.

A heart and a chocolate waiting for me on my pillow when I went to bed, bless.

I finally took my son out on my own on Feb the 14th, a truly lovely way to celebrate Valentines Day, yes that sounds odd I know, I know my husband loves me, I love him, we show that every day in little ways or big, he will buy me a box of chocolates out of the blue, I will cook a cake for him etc. However, to be able to take out the best thing my husband or any one has ever given me in life, my son, on my own was just so lovely I can not put it into words.
Maxi Cosi Axiss,whole seat swivels to face the car door entrance. Available every where,I got mine from  Precious Little Ones.

So off we trotted, first I put him in my super light buggy from Babies R Us (A calypso stroller), wheeled him to the car, got him in his Maxi Axiss all by myself, folded the stroller up and off we went. First stop was the library. I was shaking like a leaf when we parked up,I was so nervous of getting him out of the car and into his buggy with literally no one who knew me any where around, however I unfolded buggy, managed to get him out of the car seat and all was well.

The drawback of the Callypso, it is the only drawback, is that the wheels do not swivel. The easy fold and unfold system of kicking a bar up and down, the light weight ness of it is fantastic. However, by the end of the library visit, I was in agony as I was struggling to lift the buggy with him in it onto the back wheels to keep turning the stroller around corners. So I went to Mothercare to get a new stroller.

Mothercare was useless, a really poor selection of buggies were on display, their lightest weight ones had a ridiculous safety button to press in before you could kick the bar down to unfold or fold the buggy, it was lightweight but no good as my hands could not manage to push the safety button. No staff came to me to help me look at buggies but I could see that most of those on display were big, heavy and lots of buttons to push, levers to pull gadgets to fold up the buggy that my hands couldn't work.

So I went to Argos, I never go to Argos but gosh am I so glad I did and purely because of one excellent sales assistant called Laura S at St Oswalds park in Gloucester. I sighted two potential strollers from the catalogue in store, I explained to her I had arthritis and asked if I could just have a look at them. She was so helpful. Smiley, happy to help, happily undid all the ridiculous packaging each had on them. She showed me how to unfold,then I had a go. She was just so upbeat, just made the looking at both models a joy rather than how some sales people make you feel, like you are a real nuisance or in most cases they completely hide from you, she happily came out with me to the car to help me put the new buggy in, we were smiling at ridiculous complicated buggy designs today etc.

Babystart Pushchair with canopy,swivel wheels,available in pink or black-from Argos-£29.99
 I happily brought one of these brilliant buggies, a "Baby Start" model, there are two from Argos,both as light as the Calypso,easy step on a bar at back to fold buggy out and kick it up to fold it up again system, I went for the £29.99 Baby Start buggy as I felt although it was almost identical to the cheaper £19.99 model it came with a sun shade, looked tougher material,also had a rain cover but above all lovely swivel wheels.
BabyStart Basic pushchair-Argos- no canopy still swivel wheels, £19.99
I brought the buggy ,not just because it had every thing but also because the sales person was a real gem. I have been to John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway Bristol, where I usually shop, no sales person has ever come over to help me! I have been to Mothercare in Gloucester and it has been the same story there. When I see a gem I have decided to publicize it. People deserve recognition when they make a difference for the better for someone else. Laura S from Argos St Oswalds Retail Park, Gloucester is certainly a gem and a reason why I will go back to that Argos again.

I think Britain and its populous is very quick to point out what isn't good, what doesn't work, who is not getting what or who is getting what. Life is far too short to be bitter and sour, I hope I will be able to add many more gems onto my blog, from the high street or as I meet them in my daily life.

Good night x

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