Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chocolate orange and a big thank you.

Well now I am sat munching on my chocolate orange and in my inbox I find that I have been awarded the "Versatile Blog" award by oddparent many thanks Mette and have a big slice of this lovely chocolate orange which I am posting through my usb port as I type to get to you. Seriously thank you.

I shall be spreading the love shortly by passing it on to 15 more worthy blogs but please check out Oddparent as she is another happy lady on the pathway of parenthood showing we all do it with a smile and a joy in our hearts.

Now I need to make some kind of Oscar winning speech about me and break it into media bite size 7 things about me so here goes:

1. Love White chocolate orange, yum yum yum.

2. I have had arthritis since I was 15 months old, what isn't already a plastic joint soon will be! I swallow tables and have an injection regularly in the week which is my super fuel to help me be a little less creaky but I still make Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, when he was rusty, look like an athletic soul!

3. I love my one year old son, he really is my pride and joy. I love his big baby eyes, his normal looking legs, hands, arms, neck,back. I love his little giggle at the dog coming up to him and his funny way of clapping his hands like me, I can't clap normally but he doesn't know it isn't the normal way, as far as he is concerned I am Mummy and I must be right and so he claps like I do with gusto at "Happy and you know it".

4. I have learnt so much through being a mother, such as most baby equipment has never been designed with any thing less than 100% fit in mind but you laugh it off and adapt it, take a chain saw to it or swear at it out of your childs hearing then gulp a calming cup of tea down.

5. I have an assistant dog from Canine Partners. She is a godsend with my son, she spends so much of a day picking up toys for him, getting washing in and out of washing machine, she is a real friend of mine, gentle and thoughtful, sometimes a bit over protective and boy can she nag me sometimes when I feel down to cheer up, by licking me or tickling me with her big soft ears.

6.I love people, I guess it helps I am a Psychologist but I really have learnt little from a degree and more from having been an ill child, ill teen and ill adult, I really do understand difficulties, struggles, those who have not or are not having life easy and I have a genuine drive,desire to help and reach out to those people who don't have life from an Ideal Home magazine. Most of all I

7.Love my husband,son,mother,father,sister, brothers and friends all of whom make me laugh, make me feel loved,make me feel irritated but make me feel normal.

Really that is me. I thank you again Oddparent and shall now put forward my 15 noteworthy blogs that have gotten my attention,some have made me cry actually especially the blogs about children suffering as I share too much memories with their plight. I am going on a theme here because I really feel that there needs to be a community of help for disabled parents but equally for those parenting disabled children all in one easy to access place. I hope by raising awareness of these blogs we are all becoming informed,before I launch into some hippy 1960s get together song here are my nominations:

Award for the Most Versatile Blog goes to:

Thanks to Oddparent for being a supported to my blog. I hope I can also do the same for your blog and these others, I really think if we all look into others thoughts and feelings, hopes etc we all learn a bit and gain better consideration for others.

Keep smiling lovely parents x

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