Sunday, 5 February 2012


Well today I am saying fairwell to my sons first car seat, the maxi Cosi pebble, won't be too sad as sold it and was not really ideal for a disabled parent to get son in and out of.

I have sworn at the seat many a time but saying fairwell shows my only child is growing up.

My saddest fairwell will be when my child's "Bumbo seat" sells on Preloved. This has been an essential item in my mind for any new disabled parent. The seat holds your child from four months old in a seated position with no straps to fiddle with. It is light weight so can pick up easily and take any where. It has meant I could sit my son in it knowing he was very safely held and get on with jobs. I fed him in it as was easier to use than a highchair with straps to do up etc. Ho hum big sigh and a fond farewell. I hope another parent gets some use out of it, as I say a disabled parent should buy one as a baby care essential item along with a cot and buggy.

We almost said goodbye to our cot which I won't sell on as the side of it dropped out yesterday! My sons cot base had to be lowered the day before as he sits up on his own, crawls etc and the cot couldn't cope with change. It just spat out the side! I was worried once the base was lowered as I could no longer manage to get my son out, but the cot helped me by throwing it's side off as my husband decided to gate it. As a result I can get my son out again, the whole side swings open, hinged one side and bolts top, bottom and middle other side. Works so so well! Really pleased! So no goodbye cot yet, phew.

My son is now 1 year old, he can crawl from one room to another in eleven seconds! It is manic, my husband can get my son from the floor but I can't so I currently follow him around herding him in the direction that is safe. However I love this stage because whilst exhausting, he babbles away, loves songs, laughs lots and is developing little boy mischief, diving under a duvet and giggling when I ask "where is Christopher?".

Maxi Cosi Axiss seat came in an all far too stiff newness,the straps were impossible to adjust for both my husbands hands and mine so I had some one pull at the straps 100 times which has loosened them. We should have brought second hand, we should have learnt by now but we worried a second hand car seat would be dangerous but people sell them in great condition and not having been in a car accident etc. Still all is working now and I can manage it all but need to wait for snow to go for my son and I to try.I still say it is the only accessible car seat for nine month upwards children, all accessible except the newness of straps!

Now looking at safety gates and that is a separate blog as have to let you all know about a nationwide service where safety for baby is concerned but will blog later about this.

Night night all creaky and nimble parents x

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