Friday, 28 September 2012

Holidays,colds, de-cluttering!

We got back from our four days away in Windsor on Monday.

We have roughed it on vacations in the past,staying in caravans etc but we found self catering, with a baby and just our small family, along with being in damp old Britain with minimal heat sources in a caravan a difficult and painful experience. So we learnt that in future we needed to upgrade our holidays. Staying in hotels with all amenities but just for a shorter time so we could afford it.


We stayed at the Beamount hotel in Windsor. It is dubbed a four star hotel, it maybe was back in the 1970s but the decor was literally retro, looked like something from The Overlook Hotel in the Shining. However decor is not an important aspect for two disabled parents and one healthy toddler, we were interested in the hotel amenities. These were just about adequate! The breakfast buffet of cereal, toast, pastries, fry up was lovely, really worth the forty minuet shuffle from your room to the restaurant. Although the walk killed me, I sweated in agony trying to get down to breakfast before my morphine and steroids had set in but it was worth the scrumptious offerings. Even the disabled parking was located a good ten minuet walk away from our room. Our room was a family room although I should have probably booked a disabled room and asked for a cot to be put in there as I can not get in a bath but in the family room we were in no one could have a bath as the shower glass screen was actually glued to the bath so neither I or daddy could access the bath taps! Really we brought an over priced Premier Inn hotel, we have lived and learnt and decided to stick with a Premier Inn which doesn't pretend to be more than it is, a modern ,well looked after room abode, a restaurant on site and every thing in close proximity. However the holiday was not about just the hotel facilities.

Legoland in Windsor was well laid out, accessibility is excellent as are changing facilities for a baby or toddler. The staff try hard to help. We ate in a Pizza and Pasta buffet and the waiter couldn't have been kinder or more thoughtful, knew I would need to be at a table near the food so didn't have far to walk, he was very good! The Duplo train offered entertainment for our son as did the buggy wash where you push your child around in a complex of water falls etc. You can get a carer in for free and a child under four also gets in for free. With Miniland where Buckingham Palace through to NASA station is all made up in Lego with working engines etc we spent just an hour wondering through Miniland, looking at the little Lego soldiers marching, black cabs racing through Coventry Garden. Great time and worth the money to get in!

Miniland at Lego land
My chaps in Legoland Pizza,pasta buffet

Windsor is an odd place, parking is a bit bonkers, we thought and planned to the nth degree prior to this holiday. We took down postcodes for all disabled parking streets and the best parking spot for shops and castle is definitely Victoria Street, by the library. Other car parks are way too far out from Windsor Castle and centre, the town planners were having a laugh! The shopping is great, we saw the Queens train, we went around the castle outside as I currently am reliant on a scooter and they don't allow electric scooters in the castle itself. Once in Windsor it is an easy place to get around, everything is located in a small area. It is like Bath City without the need for a massive hike. Historical, well looked after and glitzy !


We have all come back with massive colds but we have some good memories, for me memories are so important, happy times we can look back on and smile at. It's not about the hotel really it is about what we do as a family or with friends. It makes sense to stick with a Premier Inn as a disabled parent and save money for making real memories.

Next year I will hopefully be able to go with my boys to Normandy, my husband has never seen all the World War two sites and although I have seen them god knows how many times it is about time as a family, sharing sights,laughter etc. We will stay in a hotel on Sword Beach where I know the hotel is modern, clean ,has its own hydrotherapy pool,great breakfasts and surrounded by yummy Crepe cafes. Heck if we can't get to Normandy either because of my knee re replacements or mark needing a new ankle, there are always friends to visit, places to see and experiences and memories to be made in good old UK.


It's time to get our home ready for winter, clear out the old and unused items, make way for the toffee and spiced apple scented candles, get our logs out ready for our log fires at weekends in front of some great Christmassy films. I love Autumn and winter, going out as a family with my lovely dog for winter air and walks (wheel) in parks, a real time to be together as a family. Ooo definitely time to snuggle down and just enjoy being with one another.


Wishing every one happy, warm times and you can't beat a bit of Dr Who on our television on a Saturday night with a large piece of pâté on toast!




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