Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Loving being a mummy!

Well I can get my son out on my own and as I have a few weeks before my next major surgery I am making the most of it.

We have been to Bristol Zoo, fab fun! Loving the Gorillas, went with a fab husband and fab friend as well as my son. Had picnic in the grounds , all wheelchair/ buggy friendly. Also as a disabled person you can get a friend/ carer ,my arse haha,in for free! Although to be fair we couldn't have managed without friend so credit due to him!

I have to say I love the public, ok ok I know there are some Sun readers out there who hate disabled people, ethnic people, educated public sector workers etc etc but they are the tragic minority. When I am out with my son I guess people see me struggling and always leap to assist me. Yesterday it was Gloucester Tescos that were fabulous. From the trolley chap who personally brought a trolley to me to the lady who not only helped me pack at checkout but also put bags in trolley! To the car park where a chap saw me trying to fold buggy up and put iron the car, he rushed over to help me!

So public thank you, you are a good hearted lot and rather than disabled people whinging it is good for us to thank when people are kind. It is so easy, whilst media hate campaigns against disabled run for us to appreciate that most the public is educated, positive and thoughtful!

I got a sack load of library books, my son must have nearly read most children's books there so time to try a new library out. Of course whilst pushing buggy, lugging books I dropped my purse, can't bend to get it but a five year old girl saw and helped, bless her!

Life is great. Our son poses new challenges now he is a tall, strong and crawling one year old. However my husband and I make a good team and we always outsmart him!

Finally I end this e mail with a recommendation to watch on BBC I player, a programme called "We won't drop the baby" which aired on Sunday the 25th of March. For the first time in a long time this is an actual little bit of genius media reporting rather than the embarrassing drivel on disabled people or depicting them as trolls aka "The Undatables" on ch 4!

We won't drop the baby follows a couple, man and wife both with Cerebral Palsy. They have already had one child who is six in the documentary, a happy an healthy little boy he is too. They want another child and the documentary is centred around the birth of their second and how they carry out normal parenting tasks. We all recognise the exhaustion they show in the film along with many other challenges all disabled parents cope with in their stride, with a smile and without an entorage of carers!

Brilliant and inspirational irrespective of whether you have children or not or are disabled or not. It will only be on Iplayer for a few days so try to catch it.

Off to have fun now. Take care

Carrie x

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