Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cracking up here!

I could sum our whole week up in two words, hectic and painful!

What a miserable way to start a blog, especially as I have been naughty and not blogged every day. The reality of the situation is that I don't have time. I know every parent will understand that.

Ok so here is a situation and explanation of lack of time, I am trying to open up a can of rice pudding for my son. That takes me five mins to be able to bend to the cupboard where the can is located, pick the thing up, drop it twice, assistant dog has to pick it up and on the second drop thinks I am mucking about! Then I go to the electric can opener (usually a fantastic invention) only to find my can opener has decided to shred cans rather than open them.I shout at can opener, my son meanwhile is moaning loudly that he is starvin Marvin and all the time the can opener keeps on shredding! Still after another five mins I manage to get it to do its proper job and put rice pudding into a bowl which is also stored at a low level that takes another two mins to bend down to. Finally it goes into the Microwave for a lovely speedy 30 seconds and after 10 mins I have something to feed the baby with! Poor little guy, he is learning patience though! I am learning to say BERTY instead of boll£"ks so I guess it is a win win situation. Except the can opener has lost its battle because I am throwing it out and getting a new one tomorrow. If it can't do its job it is sacked,lots of can openers wanting employment out there!

My "Canine Partner" dog however is munching her way through many a log bone as she is on call all day, picking up toys that my little boy throws on the floor, tackling heavy tins on the floor, cleaning up our wood floor in our dining room after my son has eaten which saves a world of hassle with mobs and floor cleaner. Don't worry, when he is crawling the floor will get a big steam session on it!

Which brings me onto my next cunning plan in independent parenting. A X5 Mop. These look good, haven't dared buy one yet, my father ,sat with his big pension keeps asking me to get one so he can see if it is worthy of buying! No father you get one, no daughter you get one conversations can while away a happy 20 mins. So it looks like it is up to us to purchase one. We have an adapted bathroom, my brother designed it for me and did a fantastic job. He then got the DFG to install it and inspected their work and insisted on them re-doing something if it wasn't up to scratch,its funny to watch your brother all grown up as a Chartered Surveyor, its strange to think of the boy who I played lego with for hours is now designing and telling people off when they don't get it right! Mind you he was always very precious about his Technic lego, I was always told off for using it so he had practice! So now our bathroom has a huge glass pane dividing our walk in shower area to our bath and toilet giving a huge floor space and a feeling of light and airiness. But most of all I can just toddle into the shower either by walking or by chair, no step to take 15 mins to try and do. Boy do my husband and I need to shower at the end of every day and wash our pain away a bit. However both my husband and I take immune system erasing medication and so we have to have a spotless home! Any bug or infection lands us in hospital and so I can no longer scrub a shower floor as I can not stand for long at all now my ankle has collapsed so bring on Mr X5 mop!

Well apart from that it has been mortgage sorting, bill paying, flash card reading, cuddles, singing, playing with every toy,blooming "Mr Maker", "Small Potatoes", "Driver Dan Story time" on cebeebies, bring on Father Christmas please! Am bored of playing with the same toys and I want to throw the television out of the window!

TU at Sainsbury's have a sale so I have been stocking up on easy zip sleepsuits, fantastic items of clothing for disabled parents! Watch out for Tescos clubcard exchange though as they have zip sleepsuits too so please stock up. Before I had my son I thought I was going to have lots of smart cord trousers and nice jumpers for day wear and sleepsuits would not be worn in the day at all. Now I have the reality of being a parent I can see if you are not going any where smart then keeping clothes as hassle free and pain free for yourself as a parent whilst keeping your little one warm is the best solution. Been to the Library,fantastic, I look forward to getting Christopher new books to read. We live in the city so we have watched fantastic firework displays for free and in the warm! We got some token indoor sparklers to light for our son to see. He was overwhelmed, NOT!

It sounds all hum drum really but it is the reality of having a little one. Equally I miss him so much when he goes to bed, being a parent is such a rollercoaster of emotions!

Hope you had a lovely bonfire night or if you are from else where on the planet I hope you had a lovely weekend x

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